Virtual Lab Solutions

Virtual Lab Solutions



  • Complete Procedure learning to execute the experiments in Physical Laboratory and in 3D virtual Dash Board
  • To Understand functionality & Performance Criteria of the systems/set-up/equipment
  • Technical Specifications of Tools and Equipment of the experiments
  • Visualizing the impact of analytical equations


  • Learning how to do the experiements
    Understanding the design Parameters and Its ranges
  • Developing skill knowledge and requirements
    Theory-Practical Linkages
  • Commercial specification of tools and equipments & its ranges
  • Our virtual Lab solution is delivered as a 3D Dash Board for every laboratory for different experiments
  • This dash board work like a platform where user can interact with it
  • The interactivity is driven by Procedure and mathematical equations of the experiments
    Execution of procedural task is done within set limit
  • Aim to build and improve skills and encourage them to learn from the errors and type of procedural mistake they make.
  • Can Reduce the cost drastically by limiting the multiple purchases of same equipment.

Higher and Technical Education

Higher and Technical Education Technology has changed the way

K12 Education – Senior Grades

K12 Education – Senior Grades The aim is to

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