K12 Education – Senior Grades

K12 Education – Senior Grades

The aim is to shift from teacher-centric to child-centric approach, making the child the centre of learning, with the teacher acting as a facilitator. The teacher is a passive observer, giving the child the required space to learn and grow at his or her own pace and develop a love for learning.


Thematic and Analytical approach within the curriculum carries a real-life connect with the learners’ environment to make learning an engaging and effective experience.

Stories, poems, plays, non-fiction and infographics are organised around clearly defined age-appropriate themes. Revisits a concept or skill from different perspectives and takes learning beyond subject boundaries, so that students can make connections between different areas of learning.

The medium of teaching-learning shifts from the kinaesthetic towards the visual and the aural, having been able to make kinaesthetic learners receptive to the visual and auditory styles of learning.  We understand the necessity and benefits of supplementing classroom education with self-learning in higher-grades. We therefore have our self-learning solution in our World’s Class Learning Management Solutions. It helps learners develop the practice of self-learning, a habit which will greatly assist them in their future academic life where the role of the teacher would be that of a facilitator.

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