Technical has changed the way education has traditionally been disseminated , changing the dynamics of the entire teaching  and learning process in the classroom and beyond .While educational models of the past focused on providing students with requisite skills to turn them into skilled manpower ,the educators of today more concerned with teaching students how to learn on their own

Focus and Approach :

Digital content  are developed with relevant prescribed curricula of Higher Education disciplines aptly embedded with 3D visuals, interactive 3D,Examples with real -life applications and industry practices with voice over in English and Arabic languages , for easy understanding and longer retention of learning concepts . This virtually brings the industry and real -world application into the classroom& self -learning devices for effective teaching and to the students , thus enhancing simultaneously the pass percentage and employability & Productivity of learner .

 We deliver Two solutions Thru Our Platform

  • Learning Solutions for Theoretical Subjects
  • Virtual Lab solution for Practical Subjects

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Learning Solutions

The utilization of information Technology has revolutionised the conventional class room leaning to Any Where Any Time Digital Learning . Last decade seen the digitization of learning and its process and as achieved enormous advantages to the learners as well as it has shortened the Class Room lecturing time.

Content plays major role in this. Content is defined for a course based on the past learning outcome and became a minimum requirement or eligibility . This gives a scenario of stacked learning over the years . Hence importance is given for:

  • Entry level Vs Higher level courses 
  • Memorization to score more Vs better understanding 

Hence, learning is divided into two scenarios (1) Stacked Learning (2) New Content Learning

Stacked learning is required essence of past learning and new content requires strong fundamentals with its known impact factors to motivate the learner.

Hence, in our learning solutions the Artificial Intelligence is utilised to achieve enhanced learning which is implemented using AI algorithms to make the topic of learning more informed as well comprehends the topic with past learning.

The Integration AI local language conversion both text and Audio conversion will aid the learner for enhanced learning.  However, in higher education learning need Subject Matter expert intervention for technical and language correctness. Hence ,AI application for this work need a separate verification.

In traditional Leaning and skill development , the learners are depending on their imagination to visualise the engineering concepts and its application. The core advantage of augmented reality is that it makes complex topics easier by offering 3-dimensional models. It is and overlay of digitally created 3D models on the existing environment where there are between digital / virtual objects and learners. So, the learners can quickly understand the topic compared to the old two-dimensional methods.

We deliver a learning solution which provide a  direct benefit to learners without any of the VR /AR aid devices :

  • Augmented reality concepts are utilised to create physical lab set – up using 3D models objects.
  • Interactivity and experiential content to keep students engaged and provide detailed explanations of models and course material
  • Using AR student can interact with 3D models – drag ,rotate ,zoom ,cut -sections of equipment related to experiments for fully enhanced learning experiences
  • AR understands the physical environment and overlays contextual digital contextual digital content such as, sound effects ,graphics and multimedia that enhances our real – world experiences
  • AR  is one of the most easily accessible technologies for industrial and personal applications.  It requires only a smartphone, tablet or wearables.

Higher and Technical Education

Higher and Technical Education Technology has changed the way

K12 Education – Senior Grades

K12 Education – Senior Grades The aim is to

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  • cta-figure4

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