Artifical Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is utilised to achieve enhanced learning which is implemented using AI algorithms to make the topic of learning more informed as well comprehends the topic with past learning (earlier grades).

  • It will help the user to border the scope of the topic as well.                    

For Example – Depth of study will be defined by Grade/standard/Level defined in different educational streams.

  • In modern product development methods requires multi – disciplinary knowledge of the developer. This needs to be evolved form the time of academic courses itself. 

 For Example : The learner is studying about “Thermal Effects in Gases “. It will have two parts:

  • Part 1 : As per given syllabus  – Text content and visuals will help to the learner to understand the topic and able to use this to score more marks/grade in examination
  • Part 2 : AI tools will recommend the different aspect of this topic in different branches of study including some of the real world application . For example ,”Thermal effect in Gases” in physics , chemistry ,pneumatic machinery , thermal effect on valve and pipelines etc.
  • Personalization of learning also be developed apart form level of complexity , based on learner interest sequential learning methods will be evolved.

Higher and Technical Education

Higher and Technical Education Technology has changed the way

K12 Education – Senior Grades

K12 Education – Senior Grades The aim is to

  • cta-figure3
  • cta-figure4

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